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  • Call HB Roadservice (+599) 785 2604 in case of a flat tire. Costs are  for their own account.

  • Call Bonaire Security Force in the event of a collision.  (+599) 7179292 /(+599) 7959292. 

  • Emergency 911 or Police (+599) 7158000 or (+599) 717 8000

  • Leave your car until the BSF arrives. At their direction you can move the car. They will prepare a report and contact Allroad Rental Bonaire.


Call (+599) 7012525 (and whatsapp)

  1. ​ DO NOT SMOKE in the car.

  2. DO NOT drive under the influence and/or drugs.  

  3. DO NOT sit on the seats with wet diving or swimming gear.

  4. If you go diving or snorkelling, leave the doors of the car open! Never leave valuables in the car.  

  5. The car may not be used for construction or moving activities.

  6. It is strictly prohibited to carry out or have carried out any modifications or repairs without the permission of the lessor

  7. NO REFUELING DIESEL. THIS IS A GASOLINE CAR! We only have 1 type of petrol on the island. The renter is liable for damage to the vehicle caused by the use of incorrect fuel and the renter is liable for theft of fuel.

  8. The car is delivered with a FULL tank. The renter must provide the car with a full tank when returning it. If the tenant does not comply with this, $150 will be charged.

  9. Visit to the park NOT allowed. Unless you rented the Dodge Ram 1200 or F70 Hunter.

  10. The car is Super CDW insured (all risk). In the event of costs arising from an accident, collision, theft, burglary or destruction, even without the tenant's knowledge, an excess will be charged.  $550.00  charged. Concerning damage to third parties, which is compensated by the insurer on the basis of the law, but of which there is no cover under the policy conditions and if the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of the occurrence of the damage. In either case, the damage will be fully recovered from the tenant. Limitation of Liability Limit with respect to one (1) claim or more claims arising out of one (1) event has the maximum amount of $83,800.00. 

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